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The IT Alchemist offers GRC Solutions to small and medium enterprises. These services are offered through our trusted partners “Puleng”. 


GRC Solutions

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GRC Solutions


As organisations mature their Governance Risk and Compliance functions and as these functions specialise and expand, Integrated GRC will be the glue that binds these various disciplines, ensuring alignment, Integration and a single clear and collaborative message enabling correct decision making. This integration will be the Single Source of Truth, thus reducing redundancies, duplications, contradictions and ensuring a combined view from various perspectives.

Puleng, being a specialist in the delivery of Integrated Digital and Collaborative GRC Solutions and Advisory, with a strategy defined by best practices, assists our clients to remain ahead and relevant. Based on the above, our defined integrated service approach is applied across the various disciplines we service.

The below mentioned functional disciplines and our methodologies and practices are supported and enhanced through the use and implementation of the RSA Archer Suite of technologies.

As the core assurance functions within your organisation matures, these functions operations can be enhanced or complimented by other services and disciplines. This will help enhance the integration and collaboration. With this in mind, Puleng offers value adding systems design, implementation and support for additional functional disciplines including Third Party Governance, Insurance and Ethics Management.

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